Message Man

Message Man is the story a retired hitman, Ryan Teller, who lives a life of solitude on his boat circumnavigating the islands of Indonesia. When Ryan's boat breaks down, he is forced to visit a nearby island and is befriended by Doni, a young local boy. Their friendship develops and Ryan finds a sense of family for the first time in his life. When a group of pirates, known for abducting young girls from the islands harm Doni, Ryan's brutal past resurfaces and his actions set off a series of events which lead his life long enemy straight to him. Ryan embarks on a path of redemption to set things right and finish something he started years ago.

Country: Indonesia
Genres Action
Age Group 12+
Directed by Corey Pearson
Cast Cast: Paul O'Brien, Aji Santosa, Mario Irwiensyah, Agni Pratistha Kuswardono, Verdi Solaimin, Mike Lewis, Valentine Payen
Audio Language English
Year 2018

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