There is a small island somewhere in the distance. It has all kinds of animals, beautiful flowers, theme parks, colorful trains and year-around sunny beaches. On the happy island lives our hero Kubi and his best friend Ela. On their first adventure, they come across a clumsy baby kangaroo who has hurt his feet and needs help. He has escaped from a ship that stopped at the town’s port. Kubi and Ela take the kangaroo to a vet. The kangaroo soon feels better but his ship has already left. Kubi and Ela decide to adopt him. They call him Kanki. The three become close friends.

Ela and Kubi have a narrator friend called Knowy. He is very knowledgeable and helps them in all their adventures. Kubi and Ela love to paint, draw photographs and are curious to learn how everything is made.

During later adventures, they travel to different countries, learn their languages and traditions. They do all this while having lots of fun.

Kubi, Ela, Kanki, Knowy become a team….a good one!
Genres Kids Animation
Age Group Pre-school
Directed by Serkan Zelzele
Number of Episodes 54
Average Duration of each Episode 13 min
Year 2018

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